Telecommunication Management

Chakra's core strength comes from the strong telecom management background of its core team. Chakra has strong set of products to showcase it's telecom management expertise.

Building Management System

Leveraging the telecom management strengths, Chakra ventured to build intelligent building management systems. Our customers are reaping the benefits of the visibility of their system's performance that BMS brings out.

Electric Vehicles Infrastructure Management

Partnering with our sister-concern esmito, we are helping to usher in the EV revoluton. The solution portfolio includes Public charging platform and Battery Swapping solutions. Usage of analytics, machine learning and AI, sets our solution apart. We monitor the individual cells in batteries, vehicle parameters, charger parameters to bring in a 360 degree view of the operations, helping customers fine-tune performances and maximize utilization of assets.


Chakra has ventured into mission critical world of Railways with its collaboration with Himachal Futuristic Communications Limited(HFCL) and is building the Operations Management and Control System (OMCS) for Mauritius Metro project, a flagship partnership between Government of Mauritius and Government of India.

Solar Management System

Chakra's network monitoring skill set was a perfect match to carry out solar systems management. Chakra's solutions include decentralized solar DC management and also centralized solar pants.

Data Analytics

A common thread across all our products and service offerings is the use of modern AI/ML techniques applied over traditional FCAPS management paradigm.




Who We Are

Chakra is an IT solutions provider company started in 2011 with an expertise on network monitoring and management. We employ a myriad of technologies, starting from mobile applications on IoT technologies like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) up to higher level application protocols like NETConf, SNMP etc., for achieving the twin purposes of monitoring and management. It is common wisdom that which is not managed, cannot be improved. We help you to start monitoring and managing your devices today to locate problems/potential problems, identify patterns, and take informed decisions backed by data. This is made possible by employing the general purpose data analytics platform that lends itself for AI/ML methodologies built by Chakra. Multiple research teams and companies are using the power of our monitoring solutions to record, measure, evaluate and fine-tune their products and algorithms.



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